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This Month’s Independent Feature Film

To Hell and Gone by Nina Brooks

To Hell and Gone made its world premiere at the Arizona Film Festival in April 2019. This western is a must see among indie feature films. The film is about a crafty drifter that crosses paths with a gang of murderous thieves in the middle of nowhere, AZ. The film is adapted from the story by Joel Nott, Written Directed and Produced by Kyle Moore, and is also Produced by Carr Cavender. According to Moore he reversed produced the film. The film’s inception was born from the idea of a sailboat thriller but was realized as a western, The Director shot the film in 25 days. The film stars Susan Gayle Watts and Carr Cavender. The film is as good as a western thriller could cinematically get. Shot in the amazing backdrop of Arizona on a ranch that includes gritty shootout scenes, heroism and spontaneous action. Look out for this feature coming to film festival near you.

This Month in Film Festivals

Sunset Independent Film Festival

By Nina Brooks

The Sunset Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA is an annual event organized by by Mark Mos, Kodak Entertainment Imaging Awarded filmmaker and Film Premieres organizer.  This years event took place on Saturday June 16, 2019 at the Whitefire Theater in Sherman Oaks. The festival screens local, national and international films. The independent filmmaker is free to display his/her work without the restraints of big box office and allows filmmakers the freedom to convey their message. The festival organizer understands the plight of the independent filmmaker supports the creative initiative behind each film selected. Filmmakers are awarded in categories such as Best Director, Best Cinematographer and Best Screenplay Writer. Screenplay writer Chloë J. Hightower was officially selected in the category of Best Screenplay Writer for her screenplay Monochrome. This is a festival that you the independent filmmaker won’t want to miss!

Independent Trailer of the month…

By Nina Brooks

Chained Directed by Ganesh Baht is a thrilling trailer that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Recently selected and won at the independent shorts awards! Be sure to look out for Chained!

This Month in independent MUSIC


by Keyada Kirkland

Pittsburgh’s up-and-coming record label, Valleytainment Productions, headed by ‘YT’ himself, has decided to take the path of creating music around what listeners can connect to: Reality in everyday life with a creative flex. When asked what current music trends they follow, YT responded with “No Trend”. Crediting their hunger for success, and the scarceness of originality in sound as their motivation, Valleytainment definitely sets themselves apart from other local indie productions. The label notably, takes pride in the diversity of artists they produce, and the amount of “life” all of their artists lay into their grind. Notably upcoming Rap artist Trippy out of Pittsburgh, PA.

Trippy is lyrically insightful by bringing intelligent lyrics through his creative artistic vision and social commentary

YT works with C4Digital Media and social media as their platforms to elevate their work.  Plug into Valleytainment Productions through their facebook or youtube to check out their upcoming projects.

This Month in Fashion

Oona Nicole by Nina Brooks

This months independent fashion designer belongs to the fashion worlds next big designer and her name is OonaNicole. Her womenswear apparel line create classic, timeless, and chic garments that are creative, unique, fun, and edgy to wear. Oona Nicole creates timeless looks with vintage inspiration. She adds her personal touch light and easy fabrics that are created for the classic feminine beauty.

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