The Lovers Lyfe is based on a true story that shows no matter how long or how far apart if its meant to be, it will be. The Lovers Lyfe is set in Pittsburgh in the early 90s with Nina, a young, ambitious single mother from Pittsburgh, who lost her mother tragically to cancer while she was pregnant with her daughter. Her love for her daughter was so great that she turned tragedy into focus by doing what she had to do to provide for herself and her daughter. She obtained a fake ID so she could work in one of Pittsburgh's hottest nightclubs, Forbes Studio, as a high paying bartender. At nineteen years old without any parents and little or no help from family she was determined to make it. She never accepted the word no. Her drive and need to make a way for her and her daughter gave her a hustle like no other. When she found out that she was pregnant dreams of becoming a triple threat (dancer, actress, model) went down the drain. But she refused to give up on life. She had something else to live for that was greater than anything else she had in life. Chris, originally from New York, was a top student at his university in Pittsburgh. He studied Finance and he brought his New York spirit of survival with him by opening up one of the only hot dog stands in the area as a way to take care of himself and pay for college. He too had a drive and a need to hustle. He had dreams of brokering on Wallstreet. The two cross paths early on with a chance meeting at Forbes Studios, but time and circumstances kept them apart for a couple of decades. Who would have thought a simple Facebook message would rekindle a lost love in such an unforgettable way. Here's the story of The Lovers Lyfe...

lovers lyfe

WIshing you love and lyfe!

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